Gopadma Rangoli

Bheemana amavaasye Gouri

Shiriyaala shashti

Rathasaphami Pooja

Bheemana amavaasye pooje

Sankranti Sakkare Acchu

Mannettina amavaasye

Chaitra Gouri


Naagarapancami pooje

Ganesha chaturthi pooja

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. geetha rao says:

    Hare Sreenivasa,

    Very nice, excellent job, one who is looking for sanpradaya songs is all in one place, and well organized. Thank you very much.

    I have few sampradaya songs which I would like to share with you
    so that you can add to your web site.
    Please let me know if you are interested.
    Most of it are in kannada,PDF files.

    Geetha Sreenivas

  2. Mrs Geetha nath says:

    Danyavadagalu, tumbachennagide devaranamagalu,rare song galu raagada jotegiddare helikollalu upayogavaguthade

  3. Vibha says:

    Hari Sarvothama vaayu jeevotham, I have been following your blog and It’s excellent. Would be great if you can add authentic festive recipies along with the festival listed.

  4. Jyothi Ramarao says:

    namaskara, Harikathamruthasara 26th sandhi the telugu link takes to Kannada link. I read in telugu. Is there a way you can update the link? thank you Jyothi Ramarao

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